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The 10 Day Countdown is finally upon us - Little Boy is released on the 19th Feb!

To celebrate the 10-day mark, here are 10 facts about the song!

10 - This song was originally written in 2019

9 - The original song was very different from the one you'll hear on the 19th

8 - All the guitars were recorded in Alex's studio whilst we were in Lockdown

7 - All Drums were recorded at Volume Unlimited Studios in North London over 2 days

6 - All vocals are from Alex and Scott

5 - This song has been mixed in Greece - with our master Bill

4 - All the artwork for this release was designed by Scott

3 - Originally we planned a full music video for the 19th release - cancelled due to Covid!

2 - The song is the 1st of many new tracks for release this year

1 - it took 5months in total to fully record, mix and master the track!

Looking forward to the 19th! A+S

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1 Comment

Sharon Kaskowski
Sharon Kaskowski
Feb 13, 2021

LEONTAS on Fire ☄ ☄this will be a great first release in 2021 You Guys are Killin It!!! Keep up This Great Music You both sound Aaaamazing🤘

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