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We are very proud to announce that Darkened Heart was finally released out into the world last Friday - 23rd October

...And it's been a long time coming!

This track began life way back in 2019 as a demo - over the next few months we toured it at gigs across the UK and Bulgaria, getting used to the parts and lyrics, until getting into the Studio in January and February 2020 to finally record it! We once again worked with Andrea Lepori in producing a more well-rounded sound, focusing on the feel of all the instruments and we really wanted to create something that was modern, dark but also had depth and character. The topic of the song is brooding and in all fairness pretty depressing, but we hoped to interpret it into a song for all to enjoy, with a memorable hook and main chorus line. We are so proud of this piece of work and hope everyone has enjoyed listening to it! We have to say a big thanks to the following people who all made it happen: ANDREA LEPORI - Thank you for your help, guidance, and production skills IVELINA TSONEVA - Thank you for your amazing backing vocals - such an amazing voice! MELINA AMALIA - Thank you for your words - you inspired us with your original poem, on which we based this song.

And a special thanks to everyone who's listened to it so far! Alex + Scott

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